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We offer a specific range of services that utilises our experience. However, if you'd like us to work on something different we're always open to conversation.

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Created by Anastasia Latysheva from the Noun Project Website Design

Includes research, site map, wireframes and mock ups of the web pages. Laxmi (graphic designer) looks at the User Experience, and how to connect with the audience in a creative way.

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Dom (web developer) builds our websites from scratch. We don't use templates or click and drag solutions to maintain best creative flexibility and optimisation more specific to our clients’ needs, which is a part of our on-page SEO strategy.

Created by achmad mulyana from the Noun Project Creative Direction

This is an optional step within the website design, however we strongly encourage it. We will create and explore the concept of your identity as a business. We will look at how to communicate it effectively within the website.

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A monthly clean up and maintenance of the website. We update the foundation the website is run on, visually check the website on desktop and mobile, back up all the files and databases and fix any security vulnerabilities.

Created by Nanda Ririz from the Noun Project Website benchmarks

In a nutshell a benchmark session is a conversation about how to make easy and impactful changes to your website to increase sales. We consider your business' purpose and assess how you can improve your visual communication, user journey, any design inconsistencies, your page speed, and on-site SEO. At the end you also receive a report with actionable tasks and extra tips. There are two sessions, you can pick one or both: Design Benchmark and Development Benchmark. We understand that as a small business budget is important for you, so we propose you choose how much to pay based on how much value you received.

Design Benchmark

In the design we will be looking for:

  • How well your visual communication reflects your purpose/your mission. Will the user understand what you are about in less than 15 seconds (the average time spent on the website.)
  • Design consistency - is your communication throughout the website consistent, does it all flow together?
  • If the User Experience and User Journey are thought out. An example of this would be making sure the 'Calls to Action' are in the right places to nudge the user in the right way. This is also where we look at accessibility from design perspective.

On-page SEO Benchmarks

  • Page speed and how to improve it. When you have less than 15 seconds to impress someone and your website takes 5 seconds to load, you're missing out on valuable time.
  • On-site SEO, which involves correctly using and organising website elements, content and crawlability.
  • Ensuring your website is compliant with accessibility standards.

“Excellent website design and SEO advice which we've now put in place and already started to notice the positive effects in terms of sales online. Many thanks team, would highly recommend”

Lucy Dolan, Zigzag Tea

SEO & Design Benchmarks

“In just a 1hr session Laxmi & Dom have given me excellent ideas & tools to re-work my website. I now feel confident and inspired to crack on with it - thank you!”

Emma Symes, Pomba Girls

SEO & Design Benchmarks

“Laxmi and Dom were very friendly, approachable and easy to work with. They provided concrete and actionable, workable suggestions to improve my site and branding and not only explained WHAT they were suggesting but WHY which I feel is the most important”

Chris Wall, Chris Reads Minds

SEO & Design Benchmarks

“Although it was short, it was so impactful. You guys pointed out simple great ways to tweak my website and explained it easily enough for me to understand.”

Andre, Peoples Podium Kitchens

SEO & Design Benchmarks

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